The current pandemic has made it a bit hard for students to concentrate on their studies. To make optimum use of your time during COVID-19, first create a good study environment that will allow you to maintain concentration and maximize learning efficiency. Choose a place with proper ventilation, lighting, and minimal distractions where you can study peacefully. Try to keep your study place clean as this will help remove any distractions. 

CA Intermediate examination comprises of eight papers. You will be preparing for both group 1 and group 2 subjects, but it is up to you whether to attempt both groups or a single group, but it is beneficial to go for both groups together, you can make this decision once you have completed your preparation for group 1, so you will know where you stand and how to proceed.  

  • First Plan well if you want to succeed in one attempt. Make short plans not exhaustive ones, preferably for a week because you may want to shift some topics to prepare them later or make changes in the current study plan.
  • There will be a learning phase and a revision phase. Learning phase is where you actually acquire the knowledge and try to understand the concept, this will be either through online classes or classroom classes, but the learning doesn’t stop here. The key to success is self study, so in the first revision phase you need to spend the same time you spent in learning phase to have clarity on the subjects.
  • For the second revision make sure you spend only half the time to study for practical subjects. Revise from the
    • written notes you  have noted down from the lectures
    • ICAI materials
    • Revision Test Papers
  • It is mandatory you write at least one mock test for all the subjects, if time permits write more than one. Do not take theory part lightly give equal importance for both practical and theory.
  • You are usually given what are the important topics to prepare first from your instructors, but it is advisable not to leave any topic untouched so when you make your study plan make sure you include the left out topics and prepare for it once the main topics are done with.
  • Practice with previous year question papers. It is the best way to master the concepts for practical subjects and you can deftly answer during the exam.
  • Studying for 4 to 5 years a day is more than enough at the beginning, but if  possible shift your study plan for 10 hours a day. This depends on the individual but don’t be stressed about the time, what matters is consistency in your preparation.
  • Take small breaks in between no one can study in one stretch, indulge in some form of physical activity every day.